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About Us


A trattoria is an Italian-style eating establishment, less formal than a ristorante and the food is modest but plentiful.

At the center of our restaurant, you’ll find a stone oven. And there’s a very simple reason: everything is better by the stone oven.

The stone oven is where the flavors of vegetables are awakened. It’s where pizza crusts become irresistibly light and crisp, and pizza toppings become perfectly, mouthwatering caramelized. It’s where an intense heat locks in the natural flavors.

But it’s not just what happens inside the stone oven, it’s what happens around it: the celebrations, the laughter, the energy. The wide-eyed wonder of looking at the dancing fire, the sweet anticipation of watching one of our chefs prepare your meal in our open kitchen, and of course, the tantalizing aroma.

To us, our guests are like family, and we treat each one just the way we’d like to be treated – with open arms, warm smiles, and delicious food.

While the tradition of brick ovens in Italian pizzerias and trattorias dates back hundreds of years, our stone oven is also a place for innovation. Giadas prides itself on being an entree and pizza pioneer, using the freshest ingredients in new and exciting ways. Today, we offer exquisite food, with creative new combination’s of distinctive Italian flavors, sure to become classics.

With our signature stone oven, culture of hospitality and North Carolina’s best pizza, Giadas lets you and your family and friends share an authentic Italian experience with a twist. Everything is better by the stone oven at Giadas.