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Every day, we are approached by many worthwhile groups looking for financial support. We wish that we were able to help each and every organization, but unfortunately that is not feasible in today’s economic landscape.

We are able to donate only five (5) $20 Gift cards monthly. these requests are recognized on a first come first, first served basis and are only given to 501c3 approved organizations that serve to benefit the children of our community.

However, there are many incredibly important projects in this community that are undercapitalized and really in need of more support and exposure. The shared tables of bars and restaurants are such great places to gather in support of great causes.  Giannos and Giada’s Trattoria believes that supporting good work in our community is a core value that must be lived, not just spoken.  With this in mind, we’re delighted to share an important (and delicious) challenge with you.

Beginning Monday April 2, 2014 our restaurants will donate 25% of the profits on the Mondays of every month to great friends in need. We are so proud and humbled to be a part of this wonderful community, and we couldn’t imagine embarking on this mission without you. Each month, we will be looking to you to nominate charities to be the beneficiaries of these events. How do you nominate you favorite cause? It’s so easy…

You can post it on GIANNOS Facebook page here.

You can post it on GIADAS Facebook page here.

Our restaurants will be selecting 4 charities each month to support. Once you nominate the cause dearest to you, we’ll send it out it to our restaurant’s Facebook accounts, which currently hosts over 3,000 followers.  Even if we don’t get to support your cause THIS month, we’ll still be promoting it to over 3,000 followers. Can’t hurt, right?  How can you make sure your charity receives the biggest donation possible?  PROMOTE IT!!!  Create a flyer and tell everyone you know to go to Giannos or Giada’s Trattoria on the night your charity is hosting.  Bring the flyer with you, that’s the best way to get credit.